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Education is the Key to a Successful Future

The way the modern world is structured, education is a key hurdle for everyone to jump, if they want to have a happy and fulfilling life. It begins with preschool, where children are allowed to explore and learn in a safe environment. It here that the essential social skills are acquired, and with the emphasis on fun, the youngsters are groomed for junior school, where they will have their first encounter with academics.

The basics

In junior school, children from the age of five, go through six years of progressive education. The basic reading and writing skills are focused on in the first year, with a foundation in arithmetic and the sciences also being established. As the student develops, the level of academic instruction increases, as each subject is studied in more depth.

Higher learning

Senior grades take on more urgency with the core subjects, and standards become higher. Halfway through the six year program, the student should be thinking about career selection, which will determine the subjects to focus on. A good senior school will introduce careers at this stage, and help the students to decide on a suitable occupation. In WA, there is One of the best Christian Schools in Perth at Kingsway Christian College. Guidance counsellors are at hand in the final two years, as the student prepares to go on to a university, or a college, for further education. Some young people are better suited to working with their hands, and many will attend a vocational college to acquire skills that will enable them to find a good job within the local community.

Holistic approach

One would hope that moral values are also stressed, and with a range of interactive strategies, the child will grow up as a responsible and compassionate adult, with something to contribute to society. Schooling is very much a preparation for adult life, as it teaches the children to conform, and with university looming, those grades need to be good.

Whole child

Education is more than just whiteboard and text books, with schools that have become lifelong learning organisations, a student can develop emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. This “whole child” approach is now the trend in western education, moving away from the traditional methods which stresses academic excellence, towards a curriculum that stimulates the child, not just his or her intellect. As technology continues to rise exponentially, and business competition ratchets up, the need for a solid education will be even more apparent. Should a family be looking for the best Christian schools in Perth, or anywhere else, there are established forward-thinking schools to help the students be successful in their future.

Job opportunities

If one wishes to pursue a professional career, university is essential. The four years a of bachelor program, introduces the theoretical side of the field, and takes the learner deeper still. Practical, hands-on experience is gained as the students are subjected to real life situations, as well as the academic classroom instruction. When a student graduates with a Bachelor Degree, he or she is now ready for the job market.

Today’s children need good education, so that they may become the next generation of caring adults, continuing the positive development of their forefathers.

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